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Workshop at Crimson Tate

Join me at Crimson Tate for an all-day workshop on Improvisational Half Log Cabin Blocks. 

Take your improvisational quilting up a notch with my Improvisational Half Log Cabin workshop. In this class students will learn the technique of creating large-scale improvisational half log cabins. While the traditional log cabin block has been fundamental to quilt making for hundreds of years, it becomes energized and fresh when constructed improvisationally as half log cabin blocks and on a larger than normal scale. It also becomes an opportunity to design intuitively and explore a technique that does not require precise measuring or cutting. An added benefit of this type of patchwork is that it produces completely unique, one of a kind blocks with a strong graphic quality, and Heather will discuss how fabric placement and color choices affect the design of the block. Students will finish the class with a number of completed blocks that can be used in small patchwork projects or as the beginning of a larger quilt.

Spaces are limited! To reserve your space, please visit Crimson Tate