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Embrace the Imperfect: Improv Churn Dash

improv churn dash mini 2 copy.JPG

Front Street Studios
1001 E. 2nd. Street
Building 100, 2nd floor, B-C door
Dayton, Ohio 45402

There is beauty in imperfection and that theme will be explored in this workshop. Instead of worrying about precise measuring and perfect points, this class encourages you to relax and embrace imperfections while exploring improvisational churn dash blocks. Using intuitive design and a limited color palette, Heather will encourage students to create variations in the background of the blocks so that the negative space becomes an integral part of the design. An added benefit of this technique is that it produces completely unique, one of a kind blocks with a strong graphic quality. Students will finish the class with a number of completed blocks that can be used in small patchwork projects or as the beginning of a larger quilt.

Space is limited to 12 participants. To register for the class, please click here